Time and Memory

I miss the rolling green of kentucky, even though we did not live in a remote area, still there was the sense that humans were merely attempting to control a wild thing. Here now it seems the opposite, where humans are attempting to create an illusion of wildness, but it is very obvious and bothers me. I cannot help, when I stand out to survey the place that I now live, the feeling of falsehood in the very ground where I stand. Maybe it is now that my room is so far from the ground that I feel disconnected, or simply my distaste for my current situation. I think, sometimes, when we are unhappy with our current place, that we seek the past. This is of course an illusion. In time we seek to remove those things in our memory which cause us displeasure, and replace them with things that brought us joy. Such is the mystery of time, and how we percieve it. Of course to hear the old men speak, it would seem that gold errupted from geysers in the earth, and courteousness and kindness were the theme of the day. I don't believe that there is such a thing as a simpler time. In truth, we change, and our perceptions change, but humans remain just that; human. We are subject to our own flaws and failings, and more often than not, slaves of emotion and memory. Adversity will always exist wherever we may be, but then again, so do we.

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